Monday, February 16, 2015

Let me eat pizza!

Lou Malnati's Pizza
Gino's Pizza
We went to Chicago. I did not like the drive because it was a little long. At the end we went to a place called Lou Malnati's and I liked the crust on that pizza. And the next day we went to Rylee's meet and it was very long. Rylee got 10th on floor, 16th on beam, 16th on all around. Then we had to wait until awards were done and Rylee was in 9 year olds, but they put her in 8 year olds. When it was getting closer to the end I went into the corner and sat there and tried to take a nap, but it was noisy. When it was done we went to a place called Gino's East and I liked the cheese and the crust and the meat and that one was my favoritest pizza.

When we were going back to Rhonda and Gene's mom told us funny names that me and Rylee kept laughing about -
like Maquoketa. Mom told us Old English, and we laughed at that one to and before mom told us the names Maquoketa and Old English I watched a arrow where  Rhonda and Gene were sitting (mom's note: he watched the GPS).

When we got back to Rhonda and Gene's me, Rylee and Rhonda watched Toy Story 3. And we got to stay up until 9 something and then we went to bed, which wasn't very fun. But I did get to pull out the little thingy that was in the computer that showed the pictures that mom took (mom's note: the memory card).

I wonder if we can go to Illinois again? If we do I will be excited. My favorite part of the whole trip was when we got to watch the movie because of a stuffed bear named Lotso. It was funny because Lotso got picked up by a man and then got stuck on the front of his truck and there was other stuffed animals and the stuffed animals told him to keep his mouth shut and then he did it and they started laughing and that made me laugh.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We did Squishy Circuits

We made two kinds of dough. Rylee made green. I made orange. We had to make the orange dough two times because the first one didn't work. Mommy didn't follow the instructions. I helped roll out the dough when mom was washing her hands. We added flour because it was getting sticky. If it gets sticky then it won't work because it's too messy.

My dough looked like a hot dog. I put the lights in the green dough because if you put it in the orange then it won't get the electricity. Rylee made a butterfly and mom made a boat. First the boat didn't work but then it did. We had to fix the lights. We had to stick the battery farther into the dough.

We used a buzzer that sounded like a whistle. It had black and red wires. The black went on the black side and the red went on the red side. We got to show Key and TT. We had fun.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My brother

Easton is loud. Easton runs around a lot. When Easton went camping he played with the ladder ball balls. He played the bean bags. He has a scratch. He can say "dada" and "mama." He can say "Bur-bo" but not Turbo (Turbo is a ram). Turbo is at Paul's. Easton kissed Turbo on the nose twice. And Easton is sad because Turbo is not at papa's house.

Easton's favorite thing is to run around and splash in the tub. Easton is naughty. Easton is funny because sometimes he sits on me and Rylee. Like if we're laying down Easton will come up to us and sit on us and bounce on us. Easton is ticklish.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm in 1st grade!

My teacher's name is Mrs. Schimp. She lets us have treats if we're good. In 1st grade we do math. We do pluses and take aways. We do spelling. I like spelling. My favorite special is PE. We have caterpillars. One is in its chrysalis. At music we colored buses. In art we made textures. At recess we played with cars and we got to bild are own road. When we go outside we play tag.

This year I am helping with football. Dad said that on Fridays that I will help more.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I wonder about hot dogs

I wanted to see the wonder that Rylee doesnt want to see.

Today I wonder: What is in a hot dog?

Aaden's Guess: Meat - maybe from a dog. I think we eat 10 hot dogs in a year.

Mom's Guess: Leftover meat pieces

What we learned: People eat 20 billion hot dogs in a year. In hot dogs there is beef, turkey, and other things. People put different things on their hot dogs.

On my hot dog: Mustard. Sometimes bun and sometimes no bun.

Mom's hot dog: Ketchup and mustard.

Rylee: Ketchup. No bun.

Daddy: Mustard and ketchup.

Easton: Just little pieces of hot dog.

What do you put on your hot dog?